Young Artists:

““In the 5 or so years I have been Ms. Faulkner’s student, I have not seen only immaculate improvement in my abilities as an artist, but I have also developed a greater appreciation and love for artists and art in general. Ms. Faulkner’s class has genuinely inspired me, and I will continually hold her lessons and teachings dear to me for many years to come.”” Julia Romero

Age 17

“I have been a student of Ms. Faulkner’s for about four years now and I have watched myself grow exponentially. The patient, diligent teaching I have received is definitely to credit for a lot of this. I have been gifted with the talent of being an artist for my whole life and Ms. Faulkner has made an even better artist of me and several others. She has also worked to bring out the inner artist in many more of her students. In Ms. Faulkner’s classes, there is freedom to create the artwork we have passions for, while greatly improving along the way. This is no arts and crafts program, but a truly inspirational and improving class for young artists.”

Ryan Benjamin

Age 16

“Ms. Faulkner is the ‘Best Teacher Ever!’ and this art class is the place to go!”

Teagan Jones

Age 9

“Ms. Faulkner is a great art teacher. She is so sweet and kind. She takes the time to work with and get to know each student individually. I love being one of her students! I have learned many things but most of all she teaches that everyone is a beautiful artist in there own way. If you like art this is the place to come!”

Kaylee Clark

Adult Artists:

“A year ago I couldn’t draw a stick man, really.   Now, I CAN draw and I am learning to paint.  Carolyn has enriched my life beyond description by opening up a whole new world to me.   My art class with Carolyn has become the highlight of my week.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Beth DeMarco

“I have been taking art lessons with Carolyn for the past two years and have learned so much through her patient, positive guidance. She has taught me how to really see what I’m looking at and also how to take a vision and add my own spin.”


“Based on observations of her teaching of young artists, Ms. Faulkner shows very gentle, caring ways in her teaching skills. The children are always supported regardless of their skill level. Discipline is never needed which shows to me their genuine interest. Her unending patience with these young minds is to be admired.”


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